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* email:   Drs. Julie De Baerdemaeker

* tel.        +32-478 82 71 93

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* Equiband® was developed on a scientific basis by Equicore Concepts to improve the core-stability of your horse by STIMULATING THE INTERACTION BETWEEN NERVOUS AND MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM.

The Equiband® system consists of a saddlepad and two separate lengths of Equiband® that are attached to the saddlepad. The saddlepad is available in Pony, Small, Regular, Large and Western sizes. The clips that attach Equiband® to the saddlepad are designed for durability and safety. The saddle pad is designed for use with jumping, dressage and western saddles.

* The Equiband® system uses either one or both bands on the horse; one shorter band passing under the abdomen (abdominal band or AB) to stimulate the abdominal musculature during locomotion. The abdominal musculature supports the horse’s back (especially indicated for horses that have recovered from a colic surgery, have poor (inverted) posture and in clinical cases such as diagnosed conditions of the back including ‘kissing spines’).

The second and longer Equiband® attaches at an oblique angle and passing under the tail behind the horse’s hindquarters (hindquarter band or HQ). Its function is to make the horse aware of the position of his hind limbs in locomotion and to enhance proprioception (especially indicated for horses with asymmetrical hind limb movement, poor engagement and poor development of major muscle groups as well as horses recovering from diagnosed musculoskeletal or neurological (EPM) conditions).

* Your Equiband® system comes complete with saddle pad, two pre-threaded sets of Equiband® (two shorter abdominal bands and two longer hindquarter bands), as well as a tape measure and user guide.

* Some experience is desirable while fitting the Equiband®system and for safety, it is essential to follow the user guide. If you require and if it is feasable for us, we can help and instruct you.


* After/on purchase of a complete system you can order additional bands so you can use the system on multiple horses.

* Delivery of your Equiband®system will happen through courier service. If you desire additional instruction by our services, we can deliver your system at home or you can collect it at our practice. Please inform yourself about the additional costs of delivery at home and/or instruction.

* If you prefer not to purchase the system immediatly, you can hire it for 1 or 3 months. If you might decide afterwards to keep and purchase the system, then the renting is deducted from the price.

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